Competitive price intelligence solution for Your business

A first-in-class cloud solution for real-time price extraction from competitor sites to optimize pricing strategies and increase revenue.

The price intelligence way to optimize your profit margins.

Pricing Intelligence

Maximise your margins to boost revenue.

Pricing Analysis

Cloud technology to determine optimal price points for your products, allowing you to boost revenues and increase your margins.

Assortment Analysis

Analyse your competitor products stock by brand, category or subcategory to better understand the competition and plan your strategy.

Market Analysis

Analyse & compare price by market(zip code, store location) to know how you can position your offerings to appear more compelling.

Custom Rules & Reports

A user friendly competitive price intelligence tool where you can set your custom rules and create personalized reports for your ease.

Set Email Alerts

One click email alert creation to get notification custom rules. e.g "Send a notification when Item A is out of stock at competitor"

Choice of competitors

Fully customized solution to select your choice of competitor who are stealing your sale and monitor them 24*7.

Track Competitors Price 24*7

Real time price extraction and report generation(Even you are off-line). Save your time and money, There's no need to spend precious time watching your competitors websites. Let us we do it for you, while you concentrate on running your business to its full potential.

  • Price Opportunities

    Find the right price opportunities, "Item Out of stock/Not available at key competitors, all competitors"

  • Price History

    Find the price trends at competitor website, "Price changed at competitors last day, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days"

Competitive Price Tracking Tool
Price extraction software

Extract data from websites

A first-in-class web scraping technology in cloud to extract any data from websites(e.g data behind form filling, ajax, flash, jquery) with most advanced anonymous extraction technology.

  • On Demand

    Extract data from your targeted website when you need it, get the power of latest data always with you.

  • Scheduled

    Advance scheduler to extract website on scheduled time and post the new data on your server automatically.

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